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    Unlock LG myTouch E739 ok. Bẻ khóa | Mở Mạng LG MyTouch E739 T-Mobile Ok.

    Checking data...OK
    Platform: LG Qualcomm
    Selected port: COM58
    Selected model: E739
    Reading info...OK
    Mode: Normal
    Model ID: E739
    Firmware compiled date: Aug 10 2011
    Firmware compiled time: 13:00:00
    Firmware released date: Oct 11 2011
    Firmware released time: 19:59:36
    SW Version: E739-M8X55-V10k-OCT-11-2011-XX
    IMEI: 012903-00-055959-2
    Bluetooth address: F0:1C:13:19:44:00
    Wi-Fi MAC address: F0:1C:13:01:5A:9C
    Switching to Download mode...OK
    To avoid damaging your phone, please, follow these simple precautions:
    Use a clean PC (without any installed drivers and software for BlackBerry phones, modem Dashboard software, Phone PC suites software).
    Please, make sure the phone's battery is fully charged.
    You should not run any other programs or attach new devices to your computer during this operation!
    Sending loader...OK
    Searching security area...OK
    Reading security area...OK
    Backup saved to "E739_012903000559592_17-02-2019_16-51-05.SEC"
    Analyzing security...OK
    IMEI: 012903-00-055959-2
    Bluetooth address: F0:1C:13:19:44:00
    Writing security area...OK
    Switching to Normal mode...
    Found model E739 at port COM58
    Rebooting phone...OK
    Phone successfully unlocked!
    Rebooting phone...
    Performed by 2.9.1 Software version.

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